Nokia 710, 800 get custom ROMs

The Nokia 800 and 710 models each received its own custom ROM over the past two weeks. This comes after several developers managed to unlock the device in early April.

The 710 ROM, developed by XDA forum member vova1609, allows the ability to download XAP files from Internet Explorer as well as Google and Yandex search engines and a fix to battery drain issues. The 810 ROM, developed by XDA forum member lucifer3006, removes some of the original applications as well as a remapping of search keys and a quick launch menu for switching state of WiFi, 3G, Flight mode, Power save, etc.

Be careful when working with the custom work, as there is a possibility of bricking your phone. Backup before attempting.

You can view the 800 and 710 custom ROMs here and here respectively.



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