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Crimson Dragon available for Windows Phone 8

Crimson Dragon: Side Story has received a title update to now be playable on Windows Phone 8 devices.

Crimson Dragon is set on the planet Draco and is a shooter where you control dragons to defeat enemies. The game utilizes touch controls to pilot the dragon and target enemies.

In addition to now playing on WP8 devices, the game now keeps track of Dark Phantom enemies defeated that counts toward unlocking the “Dragon Master” achievement.

Source: PlayXBLA


You can get the game for $1 here.


Must Have Windows Phone 8 Apps

So you’ve gotten yourself a brand spanking new Windows Phone 8 and you’re wondering what the killer apps are, well we here at Windows Phone Fans have put together an all star list of some killer apps to get you started! Full list after the break.


How do the Windows Phone 8 offerings stack up? Compare HTC, Samsung and Nokia.

With the next line of Windows Phone 8 handset announced, we’d like to take a look for you at the three main contenders and their flagship Windows Phone offerings to see how they stack up side-by-side.

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*Picture from a WMPowerUser article.

While the HTC 8X weighs less and has the highest resolution screen it also has the smallest screen at 4.3 inches, Beats Audio sounds system and only 16GB memory storage. The Samsung Ativ S features the largest screen, a single color option, and the largest battery. The Nokia Lumia 920 weighs the most at 185g, offers a slightly better 8.7 megapixel camera (with the much touted Pureview technology) and offers wireless Q Standard charging. They all feature LTE and HSDPA connectivity, Near Field Communication (NFC) and a dual-core qualcomm 1.5Ghz processor.

Each offers something different for everyone, which one appeals to you and why?


Picture Source: WMPowerUser


Nokia and Microsofts Windows Phone 8 Conference

Nokia’s own Stephen Elop hit the stage this morning, and after a brief  introduction he gave the floor to Jo Harlow, who had the privilege of showing off the Lumia 920 for the first time to the world. We also had a visit from Joe Belfriore who got on stage and covered two things. First, a recap and demo of what was talked about in June. Second, he sneaked in some new stuff while showing more innovation – mostly about the camera. Of course he also teased that more features will be shown off on a later date. Next up was Kevin Shields, who showed off some more features, including the NFC (Near Field Communication) functions. These involved wirelessly sending music to speakers and wireless headphones. He also touched on the wireless charging, being able to still use your phone while wearing gloves, and ultimately the PureView camera.  Read the rest of this entry »


Nokia Teases Upcoming Release with Videos

Nokia is holding an event tomorrow showing off their brand new line of Lumia devices.


The first video they teased was one with a lady riding a bike. The video is presumably shot on a Nokia 920 phone, and the quality is fantastic for a phone. This lends some credit to the fact that the Lumia 920 will most likely be using the PureView technology on their optics. The end of the video shows the tagline, Things are about to change. Click the break to see the rest of the teasers!

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Nokia and Microsoft holding Press Conference on September 5th for Windows Phone 8

Today Microsoft, and Nokia have delivered invitations for the media, for a press conference scheduled to take place on September 5th in New York City. The event will be focused on the unveiling of new Nokia branded Windows Phone 8 devices. Although no details were given, it’s likely we will be seeing a brand new line of Lumia devices. Time will tell what this event will bring, and Nokia picked an interesting time frame, being a week ahead of the rumored iPhone 5 unveiling. Hopefully Nokia and Microsoft will be able to steal some of its thunder by striking first.


Windows Phone 8 Start Screen “Hands On”

It’s come to our attention that not everyone is sold on the new Windows Phone 8 start screen. Some people are claiming it’s to cluttered, or maybe even suffocating. This may come from the fact that its not your start screen, and with that comes some unfamiliarity. Maybe if you could give it a test drive you would change your tune. Here’s a little experiment to help ease your mind. Save one or all of these images to your phone, or SkyDrive, and then view the images on your phone. This gives you a full screen, hands on look at what Windows Phone 8  will look like. Hit the jump for all the images! Read the rest of this entry »


Windows Phone 8 Reveals New Start Screen

Homescreen for Windows Phone 8

Among the many advancements made to the Windows Phone platform today, the one that stuck out to us was the brand new start screen. Windows Phone 8 will now allow users to customize the size of each and every tile. Hit the jump to get all the info on our new homescreens!

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The next major Windows Phone will be backwards compatible with current apps

It's probably safe to go on a shopping binge now...

Microsoft revealed some good news for both developers and users last week: today’s Windows Phone applications and games will run on the next major version of the Windows Phone! This pretty much guarantees that developers can go out there and develop their apps, knowing they still have a future after the current Windows Phone version and users don’t have to buy their apps again when moving onto the new version.

Backwards compatibility should absolutely be common courtesy when developing new platforms. It’s very disappointing when companies fail to protect their customers’ and developers’ existing investments. You know who you are!

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